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Who We Are

Smile Donor is recognized by IRS as 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and all donations made are tax deductible in USA. Smile Donor was conceptualized in 2014 by Rajneek Khillan (PhD) and subsequently supported by Rajneek’s family and friends. The Smile Donor core team consists of highly passionate individuals who are dedicated to uplift poor kids from ignorance and poverty towards an educated and meaningful life.

What We Do

Smile Donor scrutinizes and shortlists NGOs working at the grassroots which have proven themselves in enhancing the lives of poor children in India. Once shortlisted, Smile Donor collaborates with such NGOs to enrich learning environment for the underprivileged children and convert your donations to maximum smiles.

 How We Do

  • Smile Donor has highly passionate and motivated team on the ground.
  • Smile Donor visits NGOs working for underprivileged and disabled kids and has a rigorous criteria to authenticate below aspects:
    1. Certification(s) with Indian and/or relevant State Government
    2. FCRA (Foreign Currency Regulation Act) Approvals
    3. Annual Financial & Progress Reports
    4. Account Audit Reports
    5. Personal interviews and discussion with executives of the NGO
    6. Personal interviews of the staff
    7. Spend time with the kids (beneficiaries)
    8. Discuss ongoing issues hampering development of children
  • We become integral part of the chosen NGO to make sure that we understand their current projects, their future projects and their detailed inner workings.
  • A detailed report is prepared and reviewed by the core team to choose the NGO that Smile Donor can collaborate with.
  • Smile Donor actively works with selected NGOs to optimize the project so that maximum numbers of children are benefited.
  • These projects are then available online for the donations to be converted to maximum smiles.

Why Smile Donor?

Transparency – Know exactly what cause your money is going towards
Visibility – Stay updated on the progress of the cause you support
Accountability – Personal involvement from each board member in the active projects, and 100% ownership from volunteers