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History is replete with examples of rags-to-riches true stories where poor children who were provided access to education and scholarships, went on become inventors, musicians, and business magnates. To quote couple of such examples, Starbucks CEO & chairman, Howard Schultz, and the legendary media personality, Oprah Winfrey, both belonged to poor families and both of these personalities were awarded scholarship when they were students.

In the same spirit as indicated by above examples, at Smile Donor, it is our earnest motive to provide scholarship to deserving poor children who have the fire in them to do something wonderful with their lives but who are constrained by financial needs. Smile Donor collaborate with relevant educational institutes and employ utmost due diligence in selecting such deserving children. The scholarships is awarded to those students who have proved themselves in their academic career and aspire to pursue higher education in their chosen education area.

“Help us to provide scholarships to 50 poor deserving children per year”