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Samhita has teamed-up with Smile Donor and is planning to bring some positive changes to an orphanage Vikash Parishad is located in a remote village called Sarangada in the state of Odisha. Current strength of the organization is 30 all of whom are girls. As the accompanying pictures would support,  he orphanage is in a very dilapidated condition.

Smile Donor has already raised funds and build bathrooms (for the privacy of the women) and boys in the orphanage. AZ Samhita and SmileDonor has joined hands and raised enough funds to build a hygienic kitchen, install a tube well for proper water facility and repair some of the building structures to bring smile to the lips of these children. This has been possible only because of the generous donations that you make to Samhita so that they can pursue these social non-profit activities through your acive participation in the various activities in Samhita throughout the year as Samhita allocates a percentage of your donations towards such charitable acts, so that the spirit of MA DURGA and the smile of festivity associated with it exists unanimously in all sectors of the society.

“Support an Orphanage – Joint Project with Samhita”