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Shalini, a name that evokes a beautiful smiling girl child face. Now imagine that beautiful girl unable to even take care of herself. Being dependent on others for basic things like personal hygiene or being fed, would perhaps kill that smile. But not our Shalini. All of 15, with severe learning disabilities, incapable of independent functioning and bed ridden with brittle bones, she still greets everyone with a soft smile and is keen to be in some kind of conversation with the guest. A keen student, she now knows the alphabet in Hindi and English but her speech impediment is still something she is working on. However, it is art where her beautiful inner self finds full expression.


These small, colorful expressions of joy, that most of us take for so granted, are only possible through the indomitable spirit of Shalini, her parents, the dedicated teachers that work with her and other students like her. Without your support and the hard work of the community, Shalini’s life may have never found these precious moments of personal triumph; making the world a little less colorful.
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