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Hamilton High School Student Welfare Fund Charity Hike!
Ms. Rajani Rastogi is a Social worker at Hamilton High. She runs the Student Welfare Fund at the school. It was amazing to learn from Ms. Rastogi that at Hamilton High School the social work team assists students and families that are homeless or underprivileged with food and other supplies on a regular basis. They […]
2019 Gala – Special Needs Kids
Support therapy and treatment of 40 special needs kids in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh, India. To support one child, the cost is $300 per year. Our goal is to provide treatment for at least two years. Success Story Meet 13 year-old Sunil and his 9 year-old sister, Anita. These siblings have much in common […]
Support an Orphanage – Joint Project with Samhita
Samhita has teamed-up with Smile Donor and is planning to bring some positive changes to an orphanage Vikash Parishad is located in a remote village called Sarangada in the state of Odisha. Current strength of the organization is 30 all of whom are girls. As the accompanying pictures would support,  he orphanage is in a very dilapidated condition. Smile […]
Wheelchair Project (Heels For Wheels)
Provide mobility to 200 disabled individuals by giving them multifunctional wheelchairs. This project is in collaboration with proVISION ASIA, Bangalore, India and is being led by Anish Agarwal a junior at Hamilton High School in Chandler, AZ. Anish volunteered as an intern at a proVISION ASIA, in Bangalore, India and came back with a mission to provide mobility […]
Sponsor Special Ed Teacher
Sponsor a Student To Become Special Ed Teacher Smile Donor supports education of deserving students who wish to become teachers for special needs children and wish to support their community. It is very critical to have special education teachers in remote areas where kids with special needs suffer their entire life without proper support of […]
Adopt Special Needs School
Provide Basic Education for Special Kids to Survive There is nothing more joyous than seeing a special needs kid develop into confident adults capable of functioning independently. These moments of triumph of the human spirit and the caring of the community, are what makes it all worthwhile. Join us to support our efforts to provide education […]