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Physiotherapy Camp for Children with Special Needs

This physiotherapy Camp was organized by Ganpati Educ. Society with support from Smile Donor.  Main Objective of this camp was to give important tips to parents /guardians who were recently medically certified with age group 2-15 years along with earlier adopted children. As earlier reported total of 52 individuals were medically assessed by team of doctors for disability certification with degree 55% to 100%. Out of 55 medically certified individuals 34 are children (with severe mental retardation) with age group 5 to 15.

phy camp phy camp _1CWSN and guardians during camp

After one month of the camp all disability medical certificates were distributed by our organization. During this distribution one to one counseling is facilitated by our counselor as per disability of the child. During these counseling sessions, it was observed that most of the children need physiotherapy. So we requested CRC for facilitating us the services of physiotherapist. CRC administration accepted our proposal and provided us the services of four physiotherapists from Indian institute of physiotherapy New Delhi .in fact we have to bear all expenses related to their services.

It was very important for the parent’s /guardians point of view as there is already a shortage of physiotherapist in rural and far flung areas.

Firstly we would like to thanks Director CRC Mr. M.S. Saini who facilitates the services of physiotherapists and Mr. Rajneek ji founder Smile Donor who motivate us during their visit to organize physiotherapy camp in rural area. All the parents of the beneficiaries left extremely satisfied. We had made Provisions of bus fare and lunch for poor children and parents.  The following expert Doctors were made available by CRC:

  1. Dr. Pankaj – physiotherapist
  2. Dr. shivangi Malik – physiotherapist
  3. Dr. Prince – physiotherapist
  4. Dr. Kirti – physiotherapist


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