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A recent UN estimate suggests that there are about 1 billion people living in extreme poverty today, struggling to survive at about $1/day. At Smile Donor, these are not abstract numbers but real faces, real stories. Meet Sumanpreet Kaur, a 9th grade student at Mission Deep School, Amritsar, India. Hailing from a small village, with a younger sister and brother, her father’s meager income of INR 2,000 per month (approximately $30/ month) was never sufficient to support her dream of getting educated. Here is a singular story within that 1 billion living at less than $1/ day.


Yet everyday she chooses to look at the bright side of life. Sumanpreet’s face lights up at the possibilities before her, thanks to the free education made possible by your donations to Smile Donor. Her biggest dream is to buy her little brother a school bag and a pencil, so that he too can enjoy school. I was touched by her putting the needs of her brother first. Even though she is in 9th grade, there is so much that this confident, young lady can teach all of us.

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